The Archaeology Museum is located in an adjoining room to the Main Labratory.  If you wish to see our fabulous collection, please stop by during the lab's public hours. If you are unable to visit during our regular hours, you can arrange a special time with any of our curators or Fr. Fulco and we will be more than happy to provide a guided tour of our museum.

Our Museum houses our ARCHAEOLOGICAL COLLECTION, which consists of two major components: the sherd collection and the display items. The sherd collection is an assemblage of thousands of "diagnostic" pottery pieces sorted and filed by provenance and period, from the neolithic to the Islamic eras. Geographically these study collections range in the west from ancient Rome, Greece, Cyprus, the Middle East extended to Mesopotamia in the northeast and Egypt to the south. 

The intact or display items consist of pieces which illustrate the various phases of archaeological history in their geographical spreads. There is an entire Early Bronze group of pottery, some 45 pieces, excavated from a tomb in Jordan, a gift from the Jordanian Department of Antiquities; a large collection of chalcolithic materials, especially stone tools, from Tuleilat Ghassul, a gift of the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Jerusalem; thousands of flints and stone tools from various periods, most notably an impressive collection of prehistoric hand-axes; a large collection of Roman and Byzantine pottery; Phoenician and Indo-European statuary, Egyptian scarabs and amulets, and intact pottery representative of the various Near Eastern cultures.

New Cabinets!

These beautiful display cabinets were made possible by the generous donation of Denise Richards '68.





These materials have enabled Loyola Marymount University faculty to teach all of its archaeological courses "hands-on." The students are encouraged to handle the ancient artifacts without fear (we also have a lab for reconstruction if something breaks!). This type of archaeological instruction on the undergraduate level is unique in the United States.
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