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  W. Wesley (Wes) Dowd

Associate Professor

Department of Biology
Loyola Marymount University
1 LMU Drive, MS 8888
Los Angeles, CA 90045

office phone: 310-338-1693
lab phone: 310-338-4271
fax: 310-338-5317
wdowd [at . lmudot} edu

Postdoctoral Fellow, Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University, 2009-2011
Ph.D. in Ecology (Physiological Ecology emphasis), UC Davis, 2009
M.S. in Marine Science, VIMS, 2003
B.S. in Biology, Duke University, 1999

Postdoctoral Fellow

Lani Gleason, Ph.D. (2015-2017)

office phone: 310-338-7904
lani.gleason [at. lmu .}edu

personal homepage


Lab alumni - Postdoctoral Fellows

Ana G. Jimenez, Ph.D. (2014-2015)
Assistant Professor, Department of Biology
Colgate University
Colgate page

Luke P. Miller, Ph.D. (2015)
Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
San Jose State University
SJSU page

Research students

Please contact me for information about undergraduate or graduate (MS in Environmental Science) research opportunities. There are a number of possible lab and/or field projects available for students in biology, biochemistry, environmental science, engineering, or biomathematics.

Current students

Chase Dugay (Biology '17)

Emma Strand (Biology '18)

Brian Hizon (Biology '18)


Lab alumni - Undergraduate researchers

Helena Drolshagen (Biology '18)

Jeremiah Dallmer (Biology '16; Vanderbilt University School of Medicine)

Edward Njoo (Biochemistry '18)

Shaina Alves (Biochemistry '15; University of San Francisco School of Public Health)

Jenny Bleck (Biology '15)

Sarah Jayawardene (Biochemistry '16; Boston College Ph.D. program in Chemical Biology)

Colin Wikholm (Biology '17)

Chandler Weisbart (Biology '14; LECOM School of Dental Medicine)

Selina Roa (Biology '14; Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara School of Medicine)

Rachael Sears (Environmental Science '14)

Michael Carlone (Biology '13; Brandeis University Biophysics MS program)

Kellen Flanigan (Biology '13; Colorado State University veterinary school)

Terry Rinder (Biology '12; Seydoux Memorial Award winner from LMU Biology; Midwestern University medical program)



George Somero (Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University)

Mark Denny (Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University)

Dietmar Kültz (UC Davis)

Luke Miller (San Jose State University)

Todd Otanicar (University of Tulsa)

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