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I'm emeritus professor of Political Science at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. 


BA, Santa Clara University, MA and PhD, University of Oregon

Professional Experience:

SP&S Railway     1963 - 1967 [summers] 
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Assistant Professor, Eastern Oregon College 1969 - 70

At  since 1970.

Assistant Professor, 1970 - 1976;
Associate Professor , 1976 - 1981;
Full Professor since 1981
        [department chair 1981 - 1984 and 1993 - 2005]
Emeritus 2011

Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts 1984 - 1992;
          also Associate Dean of the Graduate Division, 1986 - 1992.


Areas of Interest: World Politics, Political Psychology, Comparative Politics [Middle East]


Current Areas of Interest: Political implications of Social Dominance Theory, Symbolic Politics


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Some Links I Like

Your tax dollars at work, in a very useful way. The World Factbook has lots of data on every nation-state and territory in the world, from the Central Intelligence Agency.

A little bit of everything, from the latest news to great sources for all areas of Political Science to help for writing papers is the LMU Political Science department's own The Political Scientist's Toolbox

Neither as successful as their friends would wish nor as ineffectual as their severest critics claim, the United Nations and other international organizations have a better record promoting cooperation than they do managing or resolving conflict.

Click here:  for news sources on almost any country in the world!

I try to spend as much time as I can at the Oregon coast from May to October

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  The next generation ...  my grandchildren

You can e-mail me at sthompson@lmu.edu