VRML Model--Outer Cover
 In order to view this model, you will need to install a plugin for your web browser. I recommend Cortona by Parallel Graphics; it's freeware and handles newer and older formats of VRML worlds.

The plugin window presents a virtual model of the outer wrapper of the binding. The side facing you is the outside of the wrapper. Select the "Fit" button to fill the frame with the model. Select the "Fly" button, left-click and hold, and push the mouse back or forth to zoom in or out. Select the "Examine/Study" button to move around the wrapper. Looking at the inside of the wrapper, the capital R in the top left corner represents the first initial of the Latin document dated 1357. The areas in LIGHT BLUE represent margins in which columns of ME draft for Sir Ferumbras are to be found. Top-to-bottom orientation of the columns is indicated by the orientation of the identifying number.

Each column contains the following lines corresponding to the fair copy of Sir Ferumbras:

1 = lines 232-241
2 = lines 242-251
3 = lines 252-261
4 = lines 262-269
5 = lines 270-278
6 = [illegible]
7 = [illegible]