VRML Model--Inner Cover
 In order to view this model, you will need to install a plugin for your web browser. I recommend Cortona by Parallel Graphcs; it's freeware and handles newer and older formats of VRML worlds.

Portions depicting areas of ME draft are shown in LIGHT BLUE. The VRML window opens with a view of the inner wrapper unfolded to reveal the 3-1/2 columns of ME draft (cols 8, 9, 10, and 11). Select the "Fit" button to fill the frame with the model. Select the "Fly" button, left-click and hold, and push the mouse back or forth to zoom in or out. Select the "Examine/Study" button to move around the cover. The other side consists mainly of the Latin text of the document dated 1377 but which, in its margins, presents 5 more short colums of ME draft (cols 12, 13, 14, 15, 16).


Each column contains the following lines corresponding to the fair copy of Sir Ferumbras:

8 = lines 331-434
9 = lines 443-538
10 = lines 547-648
11 = lines 657-759

12 = lines 746-748
13 = lines 749-753
14 = lines 804-809
15 = lines 813-817
16 = lines 822-825