Last Judgement Window: Commentary
The Last Judgement Window, St. Mary's Church, Fairford

Top Half

In the centre panel sits Christ in majesty, at his feet the earth and the other spheres of the heavens; surrounding him are successive orders of saints and angels.

To Christ's right (our left) kneels Mary.

To Christ's left (our right) kneels St. John the Baptist.

Bottom Half

In the centre panel is St Michael wearing armour of gold. He holds a balance with which to weigh supplicant souls (the heavier the better). In the golden pan to Michael's left (our right) sits a soul, but on the counterbalance to his right sits a red devil intent on falsifying the result.

In the panel second from our left St. Peter, wearing a red gown, stands on a stairway admitting successful souls to heaven.

The three panels on our right depict the process of damned souls to hell: in the leftmost of the three panels can be seen a light-blue devil carrying off a recalcitrant soul on piggy-back; in the next panel a hairy darker-blue devil transports a soul in a wooden wheelbarrow; and in the rightmost panel in the bottom three windows awaits Satan with the crescent-shaped head of a fish, a red scarf around his neck, and a torso with a pair of eyes and a gaping sharp-toothed mouth.