Turpines Story: Corrections

p. xiii: for after f. 320 read after f. 319

p. xiii: for a revised collation of quires 42 and 43 please consult the following diagram (a more detailed written revision will be published in due course).

         The shorter stubs that evince quire "41 bis” (in grey) have gone unnoticed in prior collations. Relative folio and stub proportions are not to scale.

p. xvi: for ff. 320–337v read ff. 320–325r

p. xvii: for begining read beginning

p. xvii:  for l. 819 read l. 821

p. xxvii: for colums read columns

p. xxxiv: for Me answerde read He answerde

p. 40, n. to ll. 19-20: for subtract one read add one

p. 40, n. to ll. 80-3: for compilation of Translation read compilation of Translatione

p. 51, n. to ll. 294-5: for Merdith-Jones read Meredith-Jones

p. 59, n. to ll. 486-7: for n. to ll. 264 read n. to l. 264

p. 74, n. l. 836: for  If ‘calor’ read  If  ‘candor’


p. 83, n. to ll. 1088-9: for Chalemagne read Charlemagne