The whole book constitutes nearly a half-million words, so I know this list will grow:

(Corrections in green have been incorporated into the Second Impression of the book, July 2004.)

p. v, title for p. 646: for "Dethe" read "Deth"

p. xviii, entry for c. 1190: for "Athurian" read "Arthurian"

p. xxxvi, third-last line: for "from" read "form"

p. xl:    for "pre-vowel shift" read "pre-vowel-shift"

p. 8, line 22: add quotation mark after "here"

p. 113, line 9: for "There" read "there"

p. 149, n. 5 (2): for the date of the fall of Constantinople, read "1453" for "1456"

p. 151, last line of title footnote:     for "prose Prose" read "Prose"

p. 265, line 17:   remove quotation mark at the end of the line

p. 342, line 36:   for "withoutt"  read "withoute"

p. 462, footnote 8:   for "CF." read "Cf."

p. 481, line 21:    for "to ys" read "to hys"

p. 501, line 4:    insert the following rubricated comment (represented by the black-letter font) in the right-hand margin:"How Sir Galahad pulled the swerde out of the peron"

p. 566, line 18:   add quotation mark at beginning of line [ "That nyght . . . ]

p. 590, footnote 8:   remove ", which" after "Fruit"

p. 595, line 31:   remove quotation mark at beginning of line

p. 596, line 17:   for "han they" read "Than they"

p. 646, title and running titles:   for "DETHE" read "DETH" (the "-e" spelling is normal for Malory, but this edition's policy is to retain Caxton's spellings where Caxton is the source of the reading)

p. 689, line 25:    entire line should be in black-letter (i.e., the whole inscription is in red in the manuscript)

p. 761, line 8: for "onw" read "own"

p. 763, line 7: for "he" read "the"

p. 764, line 18:  remove apostrophe before "remitted"

p. 770, line 5: for "Mortyiner" read "Mortymer"

p. 859, block quotation:    remove second sentence ("Therefore ones shall I . . . all holé togydirs."); add "line 5" after "p. 502"



John Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury,
killed at the battle of Chastillon, 1453.