Member, Board of Directors, American Civil Liberties Union, Southern California Chapter, 1970-1972
Founding Director, UCLA Center for Afro-American Studies, 1969-1971.
Member, Social Science Research Council, Committee on Afro-American Studies, 1969-1975.
Member, Board of Directors, American Education Finance Association, 1969-1978.
Member, Education Commission of the States, State School Finance Division Board, 1977-1979.
Member, American Economic Association, 1979 - present.
Member, Western Economic Association, 1980 - present.
Member, Western Regional Science Association, 1986 - present.
Member, Eastern Economic Association, 1988 - present.
Member, International Atlantic Economic Society, 1985-present
Member, Executive Advisory Board, FAME Renaissance Economic Development Program, 1998-Pres.
Member, Advisory Board, Bunche Center for African American Studies, 2000-Present