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Nietzsches 100. Todestag

Nietzsches 100. Todestag jährte sich am 25. August 2000

Zum Bachjahr 2000

Bachs 250. Todestag jährte sich am 28. Juli 2000

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

                                            Click on the picture to listen to Bach's Toccata

  • Bach in Klassik Online Many important links to international Bach webpages. Links also include websites with MIDI sound files allowing you to listen to Bach's music

Die Schwedische Akademie - Der ständige Sekretär - 30. September 1999

Der Nobelpreis in Literatur 1999
Günter Grass

"Weil er in munterschwarzen Fabeln das vergessene Gesicht der Geschichte gezeichnet hat."

Das Goethe-Jahr 1999

goethe-bio1-g.jpg (34854 bytes)

Goethe's 250th birthday is celebrated this year. The list below is meant to commemorate this event. More about Goethe in the Sturm und Drang and Classicism sections of my webpage

  • Goethe bytes A soundbyte and much more a day till Goethe's birthday on August 28 (RealAudio format) and beyond; great webpage by Deutsche Welle

  • Internet-Projekte des Goethe-Instituts Click on Goethe Interaktiv and then Goethe Links and dig into all information imaginable on Goethe


Brecht Centennial 1998

This list of links is to commemorate Bertolt Brecht's 100th birthday which was celebrated in 1998.

Click on photo for some music