Virtual Oulipian Library

Assembled here is a collection of constraint-based writings. Hopefully our meager holdings will grow exponentially in the coming years. If you are the author of constraint-based texts that you would like to consider submitting to the library, contact the librarian.


The 2001 E's Text

A poem in which the only vowel used is E.
    Prefatory Remarks on the 2001 E's Text
Explanatory background to the E's-only poem.
Words, Acronymic Style
An acronymic poem (the first letters of the words in each line supplied by a single word) written for a course on Style in Writing.
Double Definitions
Definitions of words which define the term in a self-referential fashion. (Coined by Marcel Benabou.)
Something All Mixed Up
A poem based on the word "something"beginning with extended double definitions and ending in verses of anagrammatic lines.
 Poemanteauville: Slithy in Writhing
A dictionary the Style in Writing class began compiling as we turned from having read Poe ("The Gold Bug," "Murders in the Rue Morgue"), Melville (Moby-Dick), and Carroll (Alice books) to working with the Oulipo Compendium. We imported the practice of Carroll's portmanteau words and added a constraint: add one letter to an existing word to create a portmanteau, and write a definition for it.