Words, Acronymico Style

by Paul A. Harris


Signs tumble, yielding letters etched

sequentially together--yippee, ludic exuberance!

Semiotic tectonics, yoked laboriously, executed

sempiternally, till you're left exhausted.

Sylistics teaches youse linguistic eccentricity:

Sestinas, trochees--yikes, labyrinthine eyerhymes.o

Strophes, toruses, y-axes, layered evocatively--

scrabbles transmitting Yerkisho legibly, embracing

separate typographies: Yevtushenkoo & Lobachevskio ensemble.

Stilus: trappings you'll learn expediently:

Stylus, tablet--yore's lettering essentials,

staple tools yesterday, long established.



Styles typify your language's expressiveness:

Sage, tyrannical yuppies latinize English,

stimulating thunderous yawns, linguistic expurgation.

Schizophrenic tending youth's laconic echolalia.

Smut tangentially yucky limericks expel--

syntax-tangled yocking lavisciously excreted,

scurrilously trashy 'yolks' luring eggheads.

Sonorously toned yodels lambast eardrums;

Swiss tunes, yep, lacking elegance.

Shorthand typists yank logograms expeditiously--

semantic tinkerings Yeats laughingly eschewed.



STYLE (to you, labelled EN464):

Sinuously textured yarns learnedly explicated,

Several time-yellowed lithographs examined,

Steadfastly traditional Yuma locutions elucidated, o

Secretively tacit Yiddish lipography elided, o

Subtly tautological yogi lexicons engaged: o

spinning Tao yo-yos, lotuslegged eights,

solemn tantras yeomanly laid explicit.



Succes-de-scandaleo teflon yokel lately exposed:

Starr's temptress yuppie, liberal's ecstasy

scintillated through yarned lingerie easily.

Stogies thrust--yech, lecher's euphemism,

sacrilegious towards yoni,o labial extremities.

Spotted ties yearning leeway enigmatically.

"Still truly yours," liar entreats,

stretching tiresome yammering litigations endlessly.

Swift tongued Yahoos ludicrously exhibit

scatological texts; Youngturks lustily exhort

Senatorial trial--"yes, let's excoriate."

Such tartuffes--yokemateo Livingston excommunicated.

Sex titillated youngsters launder emails,

sanctimoniously trumpeting yesterday's lampoonings; ejaculating

Southerner's telltale yowls, libertine exclamations,

supercede token yellowbellied lackey expiation.

"Some times you lie evasively"--

so to yearly levy electorate;

"Some things you leave encoded"--

so to yearly level enemies.



Soon, turbulent years loom; extrapolating

superannuated technology's Y2K lottery, edgy

species truculently yaws leewards, even

survival tough--y-chromosomeless lusus-naturaeo evolving,

swerving transanimation, yeti's lone environment

suddenly toxic. Yahweh left embittered....

1/5/99 Irvine, CA



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