In this article, Ong presents a summary of many of the issues discussed in "The Catholic Churchís Interest in Knowledge and Research" and "Scholarly Research and Publication in the Jesuit College and University."  Ong asserts that knowledge is not a static entity but a growing thing, a "living seed planted in manís mind."  In other words, knowledge is something that must be cultivated, and the contemporary world, with its technological advances that allow machines to do much of the work previously done by humans, encourages this cultivation.  While cultivating knowledge is not an easy task, for it requires time and hard work, Ong asserts that cultivating knowledge is extremely important; it is even part of a personís spiritual development.  Although it is possible that evil can come from cultivation of knowledge, Ong believes that this cultivation offers as many possibilities for good as it does for evil.  So when people cultivate knowledge, they are doing the work of God.
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