In this brief article, Ong extends his discussion of the importance of Catholics taking a future-oriented approach to the modern world (found in articles such as "Literature and Cultural Initiative" and "Renaissance Ideas and the Catholic Mind").  Here, he discusses for the first time, as far as I am aware, how Catholic theology must address issues of technology in the modern world, particularly how the widely-accepted evolutionary view of the cosmos can be reconciled with the Church's view of creation.  While this is an issue that should be dealt with by all Christians, Ong believes that it is especially important to Catholics because of the Church's emphasis on God's placement of himself into his own creation, the physical world, through Christ.  One way Catholics can respond to this issue of technology and theology, Ong argues, is to look at the humanistic values already established and accepted in the twentieth century and infuse these values with theology.  In fact, Ong concludes, to leave theology out of a humanistic view of the world is to call into question the foundation of humanism itself.
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