Reviews, 1970-1979


Rev. of The Interior Landscape: The Literary Criticism of Marshall McLuhan 1943-1962. Comp. and ed. Eugene McNamara. Criticism 12 (Summer 1970): 244-51.

Rev. of Unfinished Man and the Imagination: Toward an Ontology and Rhetoric of Revelation. By Ray L. Hart. Biblica (quarterly published by the Biblical Faculty of the Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome) 51, facs. 2 (1970): 253-58. Rpt in abridged form as "Response--Another View on Theological Style: Ray L. Hart's Unfinished Man and the Imagination" in Soundings 43 (Winter 1970): 450-55.


Rev. of Calvinism and the Amyraut Heresy: Protestant Scholasticism and Humanism in Seventeenth-Century France. By Brian G. Armstrong. Manuscripta 15 (July 1971): 104-06.

Rev. of The Logike of the Most Excellent Philosopher P. Ramus Martyr. By Peter Ramus. Trans. Roland MacIllmaine (1574). Ed. Catherine M. Dunn. Renaissance Quarterly 24 (Spring 1971): 87-90.

Rev. of Rhetoric and Philosophy in Renaissance Humanism: The Union of Eloquence and Wisdom, Petrarch to Valla. By Jerrold E. Seigel. Manuscripta 15 (1971): 41-43.


Rev. of Classical Rhetoric in English Poetry. By Brian Vickers. College English 33 (Feb. 1972): 612-16.

Rev. of Eighteenth-Century British Logic and Rhetoric. By Wilbur Samuel Howell. William and Mary Quarterly 29 (Oct. 1972): 637-43.


"Gospel, Existence, and Print." A review-article on Donne at Sermons: A Christian Existentialist World, by Gale H. Carrithers, Jr., and Johnson's Sermons: A Study, by James Gray. Modern Language Quarterly 35 (1974): 66-77. Rpt in FC3 151-63.

Rev. of The Learned Doctor William Ames: Dutch Backgrounds of English and American Puritanism. By Keith L. Sprunger. Manuscripta 18 (Mar. 1974): 51-53.


Rev. of Arts and Sciences at Padua: The Stadium Before 1350. By Nancy G. Siraisi. Modern Schoolman 53 (Nov. 1975): 94-95.


Rev. of The Logic of the Articles in Traditional Philosophy: A Contribution to the Study of Conceptual Structures. By E.M. Barth and T.C. Potts. Modern Schoolman 54 (Jan. 1977): 167-69.


Rev. of The Language of Adam: On the Limits and Systems of Discourse. By Russell Fraser. Renaissance Quarterly 31 (Autumn 1978): 390-92.

Rev. of Toward a Speech Act Theory of Literary Discourse. By Mary Louise Pratt. Philosophy and Rhetoric 11 (Spring 1978): 134-38.


Rev. of From Memory to Written Record: England 1066-1307. By M.T. Clanchy. Manuscripta 23 (Nov. 1979): 179-80.

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