Luís Proença is a priest involved in directing  and producing documentaries and new media art. Recently he just had his latest 2 documentaries broadcast at RTPi (Rádio  Televisão Portuguesa Internacional) over all the continents. These two works are about the Portuguese community in California.  They are called  Tradition - As Festas e Tradições dos Portugueses na Califórnia and Off  the Boat- As Histórias de Imigração  dos Portugueses na Califórnia.

Hopes  and Struggles of Mozambican Refugees is the second most recent work (April, 2006), which has been broadcast all over Africa  on RTP AfricaPukiki – The  Portuguese Americans of Hawaii is Proenca’s work from 2003 in which he served as Producer,  Director and Editor. Pukiki was internationally broadcast  over all the continents on RTPi (Rádio Televisão  Portuguesa Internacional) and it was also an Official Selection of the Hawaiian  International Film Festival (Oct.  03). After Pukiki he finished the documentary Mo’olelo – Oral  Histories of the Portuguese in Maui, Oahu and Hawai’i.

His documentary, Touchstone – The Rock Art of  Côa Valley concerns rare forms of art produced  20,000 years ago in the Côa Valley and it has been  distributed in Europe. He also produced Rhythms of Mozambique,  an African music compact disc that features The Fonte  Boa Choir. The CD was published in January of 2001 by  Loyola Productions. Luis has directed live television programs for Portuguese National Television (TVI).

Since 2000  he has taught Television and Film Production (TVPD 241, 341, 440, 540, PROD 500), Post-Production (PROD  366), Advanced Editing (PROD 466/666)  and Post Production Effects classes (PROD 476 and  690) at Loyola  Marymount University where he is an Associate  Professor and Department Chair. He is also the President of a Non-Profit Production Company called Hope Media Productions.

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