Dahlquist Lab


Dr. Kam Dahlquist is an Associate Professor of Biology and Affiliate Faculty of the Bioethics Institute at Loyola Marymount University. Dr. Dahlquist earned a B.A. in Biology from Pomona College and a Ph.D. in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Dr. Dahlquist performed postdoctoral research at the Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease at the University of California, San Francisco, and taught for two years at Vassar College before joining the LMU faculty in 2005. In her research, Dr. Dahlquist follows an interdisciplinary approach to understanding gene regulatory networks that involves cutting-edge techniques in genomics, mathematical, and computational biology. This research crosses over into her teaching in such courses as Molecular Biology of the Genome, Biomathematical Modeling, Biological Databases, and Bioinformatics Laboratory. She believes that her research and teaching must be informed by and contribute to a broader social context. She has worked with various groups such as the UCSF Science and Health Education partnership and the Association for Women in Science (AWIS) to improve science education for all and to increase the numbers of women and minorities in science. She believes strongly in training her students to apply ethical standards to the conduct of scientific research. Click here to view Dr. Dahlquist's Curriculum Vitae in PDF format.

Current Research Students:

Juan Carrillo(Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, LMU '16) Spring 2014-present, Biomathematical Modeling (GRNmap)
Monica Hong (Biology, LMU '17) Fall 2014-present, Genomics Wet Lab
Kristen Horstmann (Biomathematics, LMU '17), Fall 2015-present, Biomathematical Modeling (GRNmap)
Brandon Klein (Biology, LMU '18) Spring 2016-present, Biomathematical Modeling (GRNmap)
K. Grace Johnson
(Biochemistry, LMU '17) Spring 2015-present, Biomathematical Modeling (GRNmap)
Tessa Morris (Biomathematics, LMU '16) Summer 2015-present, Biomathematical Modeling (GRNmap)
Margaret O'Neil (Biology, LMU '18) Spring 2016-present, Biomathematical Modeling (GRNmap)
Trixie Roque (Computer Science, LMU '17) Spring 2015-present, Biomathematical Modeling (GRNmap)
Mihir Samdarshi (Biology, LMU '19) Fall 2015-present, Bioinformatics (GRNsight)
Anindita Varshneya (Biology, LMU '17) Fall 2014-present, Bioinformatics (GRNsight)
Natalie Williams(Biology, LMU '17) Fall 2014-present, Biomathematical Modeling (GRNmap)
Kevin Wyllie (Biochemistry, LMU '16) Fall 2014-present, Genomics Wet Lab

Former Research Students:

Nicole Anguiano (Computer Science, LMU '16) Spring 2014-Fall 2015, Bioinformatics (GRNsight)
Kevin McGee
(Biology LMU '16) Spring 2014-Fall 2015, XMLPipeDB, Genomics Wet Lab
Mitchell Petredis (Biology) LMU '15
Sarah Patno (Biology) LMU '14
Andrew Pita (Biology) LMU '14
Britain Southwick (Computer Science) LMU '14
Katrina Sherbina (Biomathematics) LMU '14
Nicolette Harmon (Biology) LMU '13
Nicholas Rohacz (Biochemistry) LMU '13
Chidinma Amakiri (Biology) LMU '14
Rich Brous (Computer Science) LMU '13
Andrew Herman (Biology) LMU '12
Cybele Arsan (Biology) LMU '11
Katie Hornick (Natural Science) LMU '12
Kelly Parks (Biology) LMU '11
Lauren Kubeck (Biology) LMU '12
Kelia McDonald (Natural Science) LMU '12
Alondra Vega (Biomathematics) LMU '12
Kevin Paiz-Ramirez (Biology) LMU '11
Don Murphy (Computer Science) LMU '10
Kristen Buckmelter (Biology) LMU '10
Bianca Infanzon (Biology) LMU '10
Bernadette Pak (Biology) LMU '10
Stephen Speicher (Biology) LMU '10
Alexandria Alphonso (Biology) LMU '09
Kevin Entzminger (Biochemistry) LMU '09
Kristi Hubbard (Biology) LMU '09
Stephanie (Kuelbs) Entzminger (Applied Mathematics) LMU '09
Kenny Rodriguez (Biology) LMU '09
Derek Smith (Computer Science) LMU '09
Kara Taylor (Biology) LMU '09
Chad Villaflores (Biology) LMU '09
Wesley Citti (Biology) LMU '08
Robert Hybki (Biology) LMU '08
Elizabeth Liu (Biology) LMU '08
Olivia Sakhon (Biology) LMU '08
Jeffrey McGowan (Biology) LMU '08
Matthew Mejia (Biology) LMU '07
Nathan Wanner (Mathematics) LMU '07
Jeffrey Nicholas (Computer Science) LMU, MS '07
Heather King (Biology) LMU '06
Meredith Braymer (Biochemistry) Vassar College '04
Christen Vogel (Biology) Vassar College '04
Jessica Heckman (Biology) Vassar College '05
David Koren (Biochemistry) Vassar College, '06
David Little (Computer Science) Vassar College, '06
Philipose Mulugeta (Biochemistry) Vassar College '07


John David N. Dionisio, LMU Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Ben G. Fitzpatrick, LMU Mathematics
Carl R. Urbinati, LMU Biology
Erika Camacho, Arizona State University

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