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Merck/AAAS Undergraduate Research Program


Call for Applications (Applications for 2008 have closed)

  • Five Research Associate positions available; each student mentored by two faculty members
  • Interdisciplinary projects combine biology and chemistry, field and laboratory research
  • $3000 stipend
  • On-campus housing will be provided
  • 10 week program, May 19 - July 25, 2008
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Interdisciplinary Student Research Symposium

  • Friday, October 26, 2007
  • 2:00PM, Seaver 200, Keynote address by Dr. Frances Solomon, University of British Columbia, "Puget Sound Urban Bay Action Program"
  • 3:00-5:00PM, Seaver Second Floor, Poster Session & Reception (refreshments will be served!)
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  • Poster Abstracts


Participating Faculty

For more information contact:
Dr. Kam Dahlquist, Director, Merck/AAAS Undergraduate Research Program at LMU, kdahlquist [at] lmu [dot] edu.

Participating Students

Arthur Blikian, Biology, '09
Molly Bogeberg, Biology, '10
Patrick Stahl, Civil Engineering, '10
Kara Taylor, Biology, '09
Viviana Vallin, Biology '09

Arthur Blikian, Biology, '09
James Holmquist, Biology, '08
Jeff McGowan, Biology, '08
Anh Nguyen, Civil Engineering, '09
Jaclyn Torres, Biology, '08

Summer 2007 Merck/AAAS (red) and
(blue) Research Associates

Top row, left to right: Jeff McGowan, Arthur Blikian, Kenny Rodriguez, Kevin Entzminger, Bethy Woubeshet, James Holmquist

Bottom row, left to right: April Garcia, Anh Nguyen, Jonathan Park, Aimee Cruz, Farah Srichandra, Anita Aynehchi, Jaclyn Torres (Stephanie Kuelbs not shown)

Patrick Carter, Environmental Science, '07 (currently enrolled in a Master's program in Environmental Science at LMU)
Wesley Citti, Biology, '08
James Holmquist, Biology, '08
Theresa Nguyen, Biochemistry, '08
Charisse Sy, Biochemistry, '08

Summer 2006 Merck/AAAS Research Associates and Faculty

Top Row, left to right: James Holmquist, Wes Citti, Patrick Carter, Dr. Lambert Doezema, Dr. Rachel Adams, Dr. Kam Dahlquist, Dr. Carl Urbinati, Dr. John Dorsey

Bottom Row, left to right: Theresa Nguyen, Jaime Sayre (guest from USC) , Charisse Sy, Dr. Philippa Drennan

(Other participating faculty not shown)



As the last remaining wetlands of significant size in Los Angeles County, the Ballona Wetlands is not only a valuable environmental resource for Southern California but has also proven to be an outstanding teaching and research laboratory for LMU. It provides a unique venue to study an urban-wildlands interface in all its dimensions and is especially well-suited for projects involving undergraduates. Its proximity at less than a mile from the LMU campus allows easy access for sampling, reinforces the practical contribution that research can make, and underscores the interdisciplinary nature of the real world. Understanding an urban wetlands requires the intimate integration of chemical, biological, and biochemical approaches. Ballona provides a remarkable opportunity to study urban wetlands at a crucial period. These wetlands have been degraded by decades of anthropogenic disturbances including oil production activities, land development, tidal gates and channelization, contamination of its freshwater flows by urban runoff, and air pollution derived from traffic, the airport and other urban influences. An ecological preserve has been created which will protect the remaining wetlands from development in perpetuity. Restoration is underway; however, the wetlands remain vulnerable to the impact of its urban watershed and atmosphere. These five projects will increase our understanding of the chemistry and biology of the Ballona Wetlands and identify some of the biochemical pathways organisms use to respond to the environmental challenges of urbanization. Follow the links below to the current abstracts.


This award program is funded by The Merck Institute for Science Education and administered by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

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