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This is a photo from a CYC game in St. Louis a few years ago. The combination of the one kid's boredom with the other's yawning is what I like about this one. 

The is from the South Side of St. Louis city- Gravois Bootery. I just like the neon colors.
I happened upon this tree while hiking in Zion National Park. I've always felt that if the rock behind the tree was a bit darker, the shot would be better. Oh well...
The fun of modern society & it's craving for more electricity.
Just a random shot of a cactus from the desert outside of San Diego. The print shows off the subtleties in the tone nicely.
What is it? Use your imagination, but I assure you that it is not a computer generated image.

The contrast of big, new skyscrapers and old, crumbling warehouses.