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Old Faithful at Yellowstone, the other shot that should go with this one is the one that shows the enormous crowd that gathers around the geyser. 

Sunset at Yosemite. I need to credit this shot to another photog that I met the night before who suggested this particular place & angle. It certainly was worth fighting off the few hundred mosquitos to snap this pict.

After living in So Cal for a few years any picture of snow looks good (this one was taken somewhere in Southern Missouri- I don't know the specific place as I was kinda lost at the time).
The base of some cliffs catching the early morning light at Yosemite.

After a gloomy morning, the sky cleared and I was able to find this shot at Taos Pueblo, NM. The blue door is what originally attracted my attention to this home. Then the owner saw me outside his door and offered to add the corn. He certainly was right- it adds just a bit more to the shot.

This was the first photo I took when I arrived to Joshua Tree and after several days of hiking and shooting, I think it stands up as best the of the lot.