LMU Students' reasoning scores


Currently we have two sets of data. The first set, consisting of 98 students (mostly freshmen in physics 101), was collected over the previous two years.

The average Lawson score was 67%, with an average score of 60% on the proportional reasoning section.


This semester we began more extensive testing (350+ students). With the help of the chemistry department we have been able to test freshmen in introductory chemistry. We also have results for sophomore engineering majors in physics 201 and junior biology majors in physics 253.The following table shows some of the averages.


  All students Phys 201 Phys 253 Chem 101
Total Lawson score 61% 65% 58% 60%
Proportional reasoning 56% 66% 52% 55%


This is a chart showing the distribution of total Lawson scores among all of the students in the second,larger sample.