Here you will find assignments from our text and the solutions to those questions and problems. In addition to these assignments, there are also essays and worksheets which aren't included here, but are instead handed out in class. If you need information about those assignments, contact Dr. Jeff.
       Remember, emphasis is placed on your understanding of physics concepts and models. If your reasoning is correct, but you make a small math error, you will not loose many points. However, a math error that reflects a misunderstanding of physics, will have a larger deduction. Be sure to explain your reasoning. This can be done with pictures, words and/ or equations.

Due February 2: 17-10Q, 17-17P, 17-24P, 17-32P, 17-46P (Solutions . I apologize for the size of the file. Future solutions will be smaller as they will be generated on the computer. I thought it would be good for this first one though to see everything written out as you might do it.)

Due February 9: 18-2Q, 18-4Q, 18-2P, 18-6P, 18-16P, 18-20P (Solutions )

Due February 23: 19-6P, 19-12P, 19-14P, 20-7P, 20-12P (a, b only) (Solutions )

Due March 1: 21-2Q, 21-2P, 21-12P, 21-17P, 21-24P (Solutions )

Due March 22: 23-1Q, 23-12P, 23-32P, 23-40P, 24-6Q, 24-20P (Solutions )

Due March 29: 24-12Q, 24-29P, 24-30P, 24-44P, 25-2P, 25-36P (Solutions )

Due April 26: 27-2P, 27-6P, 27-7P, 27-13P, 27-16P (Solutions )