Physics 201- Introduction to Electricity & Magnetism
December 2- Induced Magnetic Fields and Maxwell's Equations






  On Friday, you'll have the chance to earn some bonus points for the final (in place of our traditional corrections).  Also, there will be time for any last questions.

There is an exercise due Wednesday- a concept map for the entire semester. Try to draw the map with the goal of narrowing your list of fundamental concepts to as small as possible.  Look for connections between the concepts and see how much of what we studied has been an application of one of the fundamental concepts. This is to help you organize the ideas in a way that makes sense to you as you prepare for the final.  Everybody's map will be different due to the way each of us organizes our thoughts; however, there are components that make some maps better than others:

  • Concept relationships are valid- links make sense 
  • Concepts are depicted from general to specific. 
  • Valid cross-links are made across the map (particularly across units).
  • Map is clear, legible, and focused. 
  • Depicts an understanding of what we've studied so far. 
  • Avoid misconceptions regarding the physics.
  • Correctly distinguishes between fundamental concepts and applications

On Wednesday, we'll look at another connection between electric and magentic fields- light.


  • Look again at induced currents (similar to our work last Wednesday)
  • Discuss motional emf
  • See how Maxwell "fixed" the electromagnetic equations with induced magnetic fields.


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