Physics 201- Introduction to Electricity & Magnetism
November 18- Ampere's & Biot- Savart Laws






  There is a problem due next Monday- read the article on power lines and cancer and write a response paper (approx 2 pages, double spaced, typed)

No, I do not have the power to change when Thanksgiving is; there is an error in the syllabus.

Warning: There will be a concept map due at the end of the semester on all of the material.  This would be a good time to update your map as you study for the magnetism test.  Be sure to think about what concepts are fundamental.  I claim that we be able to distill this entire semester down to 6 fundamental concepts.

Also, as you prepare for Wednesday's test, you might want to try these "extra" exercises form our text: 28-3P, 28-31P, 29-1P, 29-11P, 29-17P, 29-45P.

BTW: The annual Leonids meteor shower will happen on tonight (early Tuesday).  Unfortunately, the nearly full moon will make it hard to see the meteors.  Of course, the lights in LA don't help either.  In addition to seeing the shower, you might be able to listen to it through some interesting EMMore info can be found on the net.

The full moon will also bring us an eclipse.  There will be a partial lunar eclipse on Tuesday.  Look for it at sunset.

There is also a full solar eclipse on December 4, but... unless you make some travel plans quickly you won't see it.  The eclipse will be visible only from Australia and India.


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