Physics 201- Introduction to Electricity & Magnetism
November 15- Applying Ampere's Law






  There is a problem due Monday.

No, I do not have the power to change when Thanksgiving is; there is an error in the syllabus.

Warning: There will be a concept map due at the end of the semester on all of the material.  This would be a good time to update your map as you study for the magnetism test.  Be sure to think about what concepts are fundamental.  I claim that we be able to distill this entire semester down to 6 fundamental concepts.

Also, as you prepare for Wednesday's test, you might want to try these "extra" exercises form our text: 28-3P, 28-31P, 29-1P, 29-11P, 29-17P, 29-45P.

Today, we'll practice using Ampere's Law to calculate magnetic fields due to a given current.


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