Physics 201- Introduction to Electricity & Magnetism
October 30- Magnets






  Test corrections are due at the beginning of class on Wednesday- NO EXCEPTIONS. 
  • To earn points, explanations of what was wrong (with the correct solution) need to be provided. 
  • If you scored lower than 70, you must discuss the test with me to earn the points.  Others are more than welcome to talk with me about the test, but aren't required. 
  • You can earn up 25% of your missed points. 

Today we're beginning our study of magnetism (the other half of electromagnetism).

  • Classification of materials by their magnetic properties
  • Interactions between magnets
  • Mapping magnetic fields
  • Comparison of electric forces and mangetic forces
  • Cross product (multiplication of vectors)

For Wednesday, be sure you are keeping up with the reading listed in the syllabus.


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