Physics 201- Introduction to Electricity & Magnetism
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  Okay, why should anybody care about studying electricity and magnetism?  (Besides the fact that this course is a prerequisite for other courses!)

Of interest to science majors:

  • How do chemical reactions occur?
  • Much of your body is electrical in nature- How does information travel along nerves?  How does one work with DNA & perform genetic engineering?
  • How do animals navigate?  Do they use built in compasses?  pigeons, bees, etc.
  • How can we "look" into the human body without surgery?
  • Ah... the classic question- why is the sky blue?
  • Okay, now that you've studied various forces (normal, spring, etc.)- explain how they work on a microscopic level.

Of interest to engineering majors:

  • Without an understanding of electricity we would not be able to construct modern circuits.
  • Computer hard drives, and audio & video cassettes use similar magnetic technology to store information.
  • Wireless technology depends on an understanding of how electromagnetic waves propagate.
  • Microwave ovens may have been an "accidental discovery", but both microwave ovens and radar systems are electromagnetic in nature.
  • If you want to be on the cutting edge of computing you need to know both quantum physics as well as electricity & magnetism.


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