Physics 201- Introduction to Electricity & Magnetism
August 26- Welcome back!






  Welcome back!  And, welcome to part two of our quest to understand the universe!


  • Mourn for the trees that we killed so we could have paper.
  • Discuss various aspects of the course logistics (especially the contract and grading option).
  • Listen to a sales pitch that will convince you that electricity and magnetism is the greatest thing ever!
  • A surprise!  :-)

For Wednesday

  • Read sections 1 & 2 of chapter 22.  (N.B. Just as in a literature or other course, students are expected to have completed the reading and accompanying assignments before coming to class.)
  • Complete the exercises. (If you choose the practice-intensive option, this is required.  If you choose the test intensive option, it isn't required, but I will give you feedback on it if you do turn it in.)


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