Test corrections are due at the beginning of class on Wednesday- NO EXCEPTIONS.

Don't forget to keep up with the reading. More specifically, read the text before coming to class. Also, there are exercises due on Friday.

If you wish to change your grading option for this unit (dynamics), you must turn in a new contract by Friday. If you want to keep the same option, you do not have to do anything as I'll just "rollover" the previous contracts.

Today we'll begin our study of what causes motion. Up to this point we have only worked to describe the motion we saw (or use the motion we saw to predict future motion). Now we want to understand why objects move the way they do. This will be the subject of our next unit- Dynamics.

BTW: NASA has recently released some amazing data that shows the sturcture of the universe at an early age. They did this by looking at microwave radiation left over from the Big Bang. Just like when you heat something on the stove and it glows red or white hot, the universe has a certain temperature and therefore "glows" as well. But, because the universe's temperature is much cooler than a pot on the stove (the estimated temperature is around 3K or -450F), the "color" of the light is different.