Test corrections are due at the beginning of class on Wednesday- NO EXCEPTIONS.

There are problems due next Friday. Please look at the problem solving algorithm again. Some people are still skipping one or more of the representations. This makes it not only difficult for somebody to read and understand your model, it also makes your job more difficult when developig the model. If you are using a framework based on "give", "find", "assumptions", etc., you alter that structure; it is too limiting. By using it, you are missing out on the important conceptual representation.

If you wish to change your grading option for this unit (dynamics), you must turn in a new contract today. If you want to keep the same option, you do not have to do anything as I'll just "rollover" the previous contracts.

Today we'll begin to make use of Newton's Laws. The first task is to identify the forces acting on whatever object we're examining. Remember that forces are vectors, they point in a specific direction. We'll practice drawing free-body diagrams which will be our guide when we later write down the equations describing a system.

Also, we'll talk about how not to kill 114 people.


group reminder