Test corrections are due at the beginning of class on Friday- NO EXCEPTIONS.

On Friday we will take the diagnostic quiz which we did at the beginning of the semester. For every question you get right on that quiz, I will add a point to your final score. This is meant not only to help you earn some points, but also encourage you to avoid last minute cramming for the final. The quiz covers most of what we’ve discussed this semester- kinematics, forces, Newton’s Laws, conservation of momentum, etc.

Bernie will have office hours on Monday 11- 1.

Dr. Jeff will have office hours on Wednesday 1- 3:30, Thursday 9- 11 & 2- 4, Monday 1- 3, Tuesday 10- 2.

This is our grand finale of the semester. Here we combine nearly everything we have studied- Newton’s Laws, circular motion, conservation laws and gravity. With all of these tools we can now explain the motion of the planets and other astronomical bodies. No small feat!





Some advice as you prepare for the final...

In the energy unit, you knew that there was a pretty good chance that you would have to use energy to solve a problem. But, on the final and in the rotation unit, it isn’t always obvious which concepts to use. You have to check which concepts are applicable before working out any math. My advice for everybody as you prepare for the final is to think carefully about the assumptions or conditions behind the various concepts and equations. For example-

By understanding the conditions which form the foundation of the concepts, you will be in a better position to know which concepts and equations to use on a problem. After all, it is this first step, identifying the fundamental physics concepts, that is probably the most difficult. This is why I’ve been pressing all of you to express the concepts behind each problem you’ve encountered. There is a reason for this part of the problem solving algorithm!