I wanted to let everybody know that I won't be at class on Friday. I'm going to be out of town for a funeral. Enjoy the much deserved “rest”.
          For Monday read 14.1- 14.5. The first few sections just introduce Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation, which you have already seen in lab. While that lab may not have produced the most beautiful data, which is a sign of it’s difficulty, the fact that you can even construct a tabletop experiment to qualitatively see the effects of gravity is amazing.
           Sections 4 & 5 are really the grand finale of the semester. Here we combine nearly everything we have studied- Newton’s Laws, circular motion, conservation laws and gravity. With all of these tools we can now explain the motion of the planets and other astronomical bodies. No small feat!
        In addition to the reading, there are some exercises due (from out text): 14.1P, 14.5P, 14.11P, 14.14P. I will return your tests Monday, and corrections will be due by Friday.
        Also, I wanted to give you some advance warning on something we’ll be doing in class on Friday. Since you won’t have a chance to earn correction points on the final, I wanted to give you the opportunity to earn some points another way. On Friday we will take the diagnostic quiz which we did at the beginning of the semester. For every question you get right on that quiz, I will add a point to your final score. This is meant not only to help you earn some points, but also encourage you to avoid last minute cramming for the final. The quiz covers most of what we’ve discussed this semester- kinematics, forces, Newton’s Laws, conservation off momentum, etc.
         I’ll see everybody back in class Monday morning. Enjoy the weekend, and I apologize for the cancellation.


Dr. Jeff