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Jan 15-17   Welcome to the wonders of physics! Overview of the course
Jan 20-24
Metric system and measurement (1.1-1.7)

Begin Kinematics Unit
Position and velocity (2.1-2.2)

Jan 27-31 Acceleration (2.3-2.4)  Constant acceleration motion (2.5-2.6) Applying velocity and acceleration
Feb 3-7 Vector mathematics (3.1-3.4and Two dimensional motion (4.1- 4.3) Circular motion (4.4)
Feb 10-14

Kinematics Test

Begin Dynamics Unit
Forces & frames of reference (5.1-5.2)

Newton's Second Law (5.3-5.4)
Feb 17-21 Gravity and Newton's Third Law (5.5-5.6)  Applications of Newton's Laws (5.7-5.8) Circular motion (6.1)
Feb 24-28 Dynamics Test Begin Energy Unit
Work (7.1-7.3)
Kinetic energy & "work- energy theorem" (7.4)
Mar 3-7
Spring Break
Mar 10-14 Applications of work energy theorem  Potential energy & conservation of energy (8.1-8.3)  Conservation of energy (8.4-8.8)
Mar 17-21
Energy Test
Begin Momentum Unit
Intro to momentum (9.1-9.2)
Mar 24-28 Applying conservation of momentum Collisions (9.3.-9.4)
Mar 31-Apr 7 Cesar Chavez Day Motion of a system of particles (9.6-9.7) Momentum Test
Apr 7-11 Begin Rotation Unit
Intro to rotational variables (10.1- 10.3)
Rotational energy (10.4) Rotational dynamics (10.5-10.7)
Apr 14-18 Rolling & torque (11.1-11.2) Angular momentum (11.3-11.5)  Good Friday
Apr 21-25 Equilibrium (12.1-12.3) Rotation Test Begin Gravity Unit
Law of Universal Gravitation 14.1-14.3)
Apr 28-May 2 Planetary Motion (14.4-14.5) Planetary Motion, part 2 Review for final and tearful goodbye