Physics 101- Introduction to Mechanics
March 13- Conservation of Energy






  Exercises due Friday-
  • 7-33P
  • Express the main idea(s) of the chapter in no more than 3 sentences.

Extra exercises for test preparation: 7-7Q, 7-23P, 7-37P, 7-55P

Yes, there is a test next Monday.

There will be no class on March 20 as Iíll be at a conference.

"Physicists and the 1945 Decision to Drop the Bomb" a talk by Nina Byers from UCLA, Friday at 3:15 in Seaver 100

Today we'll discuss-

  • conservative (and non-conservative) forces
  • potential energies
  • conservation of energy
  • The truth- we live in a quantum unvierse


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