Physics 101- Introduction to Mechanics
February 18- Applications of Newton's Laws






  Today is a big day- now we apply Newtonís laws to various systems:
  • Springs & Hooke's law
  • Friction (static and kinetic)
  • Coupling objects with (Ideal) ropes & pulleys
  • Uniform circular motion
  • Weíll do others on Wednesday
We will be "splitting" the labs this week.  If you have lab in room 117, you will perform the "Newton's Second Law" experiment.  If you have lab in room 119 you will perform the "Newton's Second Law Applied to Two Bodies" experiment.  The next week we'll switch experiments.

This Wednesday the Society of Physics Students will be "hosting" a physics table at lunch.  Come by and have lunch with other physics students and faculty.  We'll meet in Seaver 109 at noon (we'll then go over to The Lair).  It's BYOL! 


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