Physics 101- Introduction to Mechanics
February 22- Applications of Newton's Laws






  Don't forget- our dynamcis test is next Monday.  Here are a few exercises from our text that might be helpful in practicing for the test: 5-16Q, 5-13P, 6-6Q, 6-9P, 6-21P, 6-23P, 6-45P

I'll be in my office Sunday 3-5; if you have questions, stop by.  You can also pick up your most recent problem set then.

There will be another SX presentation today:

Dr. Pamela R. Willoughby- University of Alberta
Mitochondrial Eve and the Middle Stone Age:
The African Origin of Modern Humans
Friday, February 22
3:15- Seaver 100

Reminders/ hints-

  • Draw free body diagrams!  Without this you are doomed to fail, no exceptions.
  • Then apply Newtonís Second Law.
  • See the instructions on page 82 of our text.

Today we'll continue to apply Newton's laws to various systems:

  • Uniform circular motion (including the motion of the planets!)
  • Other accelerating objects
  • Air drag (a small does of reality)


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