Physics 101- Introduction to Mechanics
February 15- Gravity






  • There are exercises due Monday as well as problems due on Wednesday.
  • Also, read carefully the first sections in chapter 6- there are many great examples in these sections.
  • Policy clarification- any exercises that are to be done at home and turned in will be considered late if they are not complete at the beginning of class.
  • We will be "splitting" the labs next week.  If you have lab in room 117, you will perform the "Newton's Second Law" experiment.  If you have lab in room 119 you will perform the "Newton's Second Law Applied to Two Bodies" Experiment.  The following week we'll switch experiments.


  • Examine the Hyatt Regency incident
  • Discuss Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation
    • Dependent on mass of objects
    • Depends inversely proportionally on the square of the distance
    • Look at the simplification for near the surface of the earth
  • Look (briefly!) at Einstein's theory of general relativity and curved space-time


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