Physics 101- Introduction to Mechanics
January 28- Acceleration & Free Fall






  Consider the following situation- you are going for a long bicycle ride.  You ride one hour at 5 meters per second.  Then four hours at 4.5 meters per second and finally two hours at 5.5 meters per second.   How far did you ride?
  • Recall that when the velocity is constant, it is given by v= Dx / Dt.
  • Graph velocity versus time for this problem.


A bicycle rider passes a tree and notices that their speedometer reads 10 mph.  They immediately being to pedal faster, accelerating at a constant rate until they pass a lamppost 10 seconds later.  At that moment they are traveling at 20 mph.  How far did the bicyclist travel from the tree to the lamppost?

  • Graph v versus t


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