Physics 101- Introduction to Mechanics
January 28- Acceleration & Free Fall






  • See how position, velocity and acceleration are related
    • Algebraically
    • Graphically
  • Look at a few exercises
  • One comment about Friday- Don't be concerned about taking derivatives or doing integrals at this point, but do strive to understand the concepts behind them and their roles in physics.
    • A derivative is the rate of change.
    • Instantaneous velocity is approximately equal to average velocity for short time intervals.
For Wed:
  • Work out exercises from the back of chapter 3: 3-10P, 3-28P, 3-44P (the text calls these "problems", but we know them as exercises) & write a short summary of chapter 3 (use your own words, try to avoid equations).  You can/ should also include any questions you still have about the material.
  • You might consider trying other exercises from the end of the chapter (what is assigned can be considered the minimum).  Here are couple from chapter 3 that may be helpful to try: 3-7P, 3-27P, 3-49P, 3-55P.



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