Physics 101- Introduction to Mechanics
January 23






  What do you hope to learn from this course?
  • "I want to know why E=mc2"
  • "understand how the world works"
  • "basic concepts of physics"
  • "how black holes work"
  • "Everything that has to do with physics"   *

What do you hope to do with this new knowledge?

  • Apply to engineering/ science courses (on nearly every survey)
  • "Get a good grade"
  • "build things more efficiently"
  • "understand everyday things"
  • "apply physics when coding video games"
  • "Have fun"

What do you expect the class meetings to do for you?

  • "I expect them to help me gain the knowledge of physics"
  • "Clarify questions & give a clearer description"
  • "Teach me"  *
  • "Brighten my day"
What do you expect the book to do for you?
  • "Confuse the hell out of me!"   *
  • "Clarify what we do in class."  *
  • "Help me understand anything I didn't get from the lecture"  *
  • "Serve as a reference book"
  • "Assist me in learning and understanding the concepts outside of class"
  • "Provide background for lectures"
  • "Be a resource for detailed explanations"

How many hours do you think it will take to learn all you need to know from this course?

  • "however long it takes"
  • "6 hours"
  • "3 hours" (!)
  • 1000 hours (!) (24 hours/ day * 7 days= 168 hours/ week)


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Jeff Phillips
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Spring 2002