Physics 101- Introduction to Mechanics
January 23- Position and Velocity






  First day of class survey comments

From the chapter 1 reading:

  • Units- know the metric system (meters, kilograms and seconds), we'll cover this a bit more in next week's lab.
  • Dimensional analysis- a useful tool for evaluating your model

From the chapter 3 reading:

  • Notation- subscripts, boldface (vectors)
  • Position & displacement 
  • Origin- the location of where your "ruler" begins
  • Average velocity
  • Instantaneous velocity
  • Relationship between position and instantaneous velocity using derivatives

Don't forget:

  • Grading contracts for the kinematics unit need to be turned before the beginning of class on Friday.
  • Everybody needs to enroll in the BlackBoard version of the course.  (BTW: The word on the street is that the default password may not be not be the first 5 numbers of your ID.  Try using your entire ID number.)
  • Lab manuals are on sale in the bookstore and Seaver 104 (Dr. Saleh).  Read the first experiment before coming to lab next week.
  • For Friday, continue reading chapter 3 and turn in the exercises (only required if you have selected the practice-intensive option).
  • For Monday, turn in the solution (model) to the assigned problem.  Be sure to follow the problem solving algorithm as best as you can.  I'm not expecting perfection on the first assignment, but do try your best.


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