Physics 101- Introduction to Mechanics
May 3- The Last Day






  I'll be in my office-
  • Sunday 1-4
  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 10-2

"Extra" exercises on oscillations- 14.7P, 14.9P, 14.17P

Things we've talked about this semester-

  • How to describe motion
  • The most important, and at the time revolutionary, advancement of physics- Newton's Laws
  • Some of Einstein's work- his extension of Newton's work to large and fast moving objects
  • New mathematics- vector math, applications of calculus, etc.
  • Forensic science (reconstructing a car crash from a couple skid marks)
  • Why the planets move the way they do
  • The search for extrasolar planets
  • Oscillatory systems, from pendulums and springs to molecules and chaotic systems
  • 3 of the 7 conservation laws that govern how the universe behaves
  • Problem solving techniques
  • Data analysis methods

It's been a fun semester for me; I hope you've enjoyed studying how the universe works!

Good luck with all of your finals next week and have a great summer vacation!!!


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