Mercier Score Calculator:
The ``How to use the Calculator'' Guide

Using the left-hand side of the form on the calculator, select the event for whose performance you wish the corresponding Mercier Score. The first two form elements correspond to hours and minutes, while the last represents either seconds, meters, or HEP/DEC points. If the event is sprint, field, or multi, use only the rightmost cell, and leave the other two blank (i.e. you need not enter zeros).

Do not write in the grey-shaded area. These are for output (Score and Equivalent), although you can select the Precision of the score up to two decimal places. The default 0 gives an integer score, which is always rounded up to the next whole number. If you change the precision, you must re-calculate the score before you see the updated score.

Note that the Juniors button will summon the calculator for Junior performances (19 and under age group). The scoring system is different than for the main ones (which are Senior/Open performances), so be careful not to confuse them.

Please mail me if you notice any obvious bugs, or just want to lend me your two-cents worth on the matter.

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