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Some Major Definitions of Asperger Syndrome

In your humble web-master’s opinion, the definition of Asperger Syndrome is not fixed in stone and there is a variety of opinion. The “official” definition may change in the new edition of the DSM. (This is the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual: see, for example, http://allpsych.com/disorders/dsm.html.) However, definitions help us decide if relatives, friends, and so forth have AS. This then suggest books and articles that can be read to get for more information. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, the definition may help with getting services from schools, the Regional Centers, and other public agencies. However, doing the diagnosis yourself should be seen as preliminary. It is better to use phrases such as “maybe on the autism spectrum” when communicating with schools and the rest.

A common-sense definition (Thanks to Barb Kirby)

Asperger's vs. Autism from the national Autism Society.

Diagnostic definitions:

DSM-IV (U.S.) definition (from the U.S. diagnostic “bible.”)

World Health Organization definition.

Gilberg & Gilberg definition.

Szatmari, Bremner, and Nagy definition

Wikipedia pages on Asperger Syndrome & Hans Asperger (changes over time and may not be reliable)

A More Positive Definition of AS -- by Carol Gray and Tony Attwood

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