A Book Report

By Fran Goldfarb

A few weeks ago, I discovered a book that I want to share with any parent whose child is on medication or may be in the future. Itís called Straight Talk about Psychiatric Medications for Kids. If you are at all like me, the decision to use medication was not made lightly; it involved a lot of weighing of pros and cons. However, it isnít always easy to get enough information to feel like the scales are well calibrated. So much of the available information is about adults and as we all know, our kids are not just small adults. Also when we talk with our kidís doctors there is so much information to take in, that sometimes we donít get it all. So I was very excited when I found this book and even more pleased when I actually read through it.

This book contains information to help us with; the process of deciding whether or not to use medication, the characteristics of many common childhood psychiatric disorders and how medication might be helpful, and goes through each of the categories of medications and what you need to know about them. Additionally it has a sample medication log and a good resource section and bibliography. It addresses many of the questions we all have with clear accessible answers. This is one of the reference books that you will want to have readily available. My son has been on medication for quite some time and I thought I knew a lot, but there was plenty that I was able to learn from this book. I would like to give it my highest recommendation, whether that is two thumbs up, 5 stars or the top of my "it helped to make me saner and more relaxed" resource list.

 Straight Talk about Psychiatric Medications for Kids, by Timothy E. Wilens, MD, Guilford Press, 1999.

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