We have a new paper in Hormones and Behavior: “A potential mate influences reproductive development in female, but not male, pine siskins” (February 2016)

The lab welcomes Ashley Robart as a postdoctoral fellow (August 2015)

Watts awarded NSF grant to study facultative migration in pine siskins; see story from LMU (link) (June 2015)

Research in our lab integrates behavior, physiology and ecology to investigate the relationships between environmental variation, life history patterns, and the behavior of individuals. We work with both mammalian and avian systems, but focus on gregarious animals for which the social environment represents a critical component of the biotic environment

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Our new paper “Variation among individuals in photoperiod responses: Effects of breeding schedule, photoperiod, and age-related photoperiodic experience in birds.” is featured on the cover of the Journal of Experimental Zoology (July 2015)