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This was taken in St. Louis County along Watson Road, otherwise known as Route 66. As with many sites along Route 66, this drive in has been torn down for a shopping plaza (ugh).
The cemetery on the Grounds of UVa. It makes for a nice, quiet place to study near the physics building.

Just a random electrical tower in an otherwise undisturbed field. 

I took this shot in Taos, NM. I guess the shot is more sentimental than anything else, as I was in the middle of my summer of wandering the Southwest.
Another one of my abstract shots, and again I'm not going to give out my method in setting up the picture. You need to work out the physics equations first. 

Like many other of my shots this one is from downtown St. Louis (hey, it's where I grew up). In case you can't quite make it out, the photo is of the underside of one of the bridges spanning the Mighty Mississippi River. I just like the abstract shadows and beams.