CMSI 370

Interaction Design

Fall 2017

  • Bazaar: Where you’ll find our sample code—I tend to update this live throughout the semester, so if you fork or clone it, make sure to pull from it periodically
  • Piazza: Where we can discuss anything related to the class
  • We will use to manage and submit assignments
  • How to Ask Questions the Smart Way: Follow these tips to improve the quality and efficiency of the help that you get

These links take you to web sites beyond this server. The sites are in no particular order or bias, just as they came to mind.

  • Wikipedia: A good starting point for virtually any concept lookup (emphasis on starting point)
  • The Daily WTF has its share of interaction design fiascos (among others)

Tools & Libraries

Markdown Resources

“Guru” Web Sites

Published Design Guidelines and Principles

Web Page Development Resources