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Phd Theses - Committee

Essays in Search Activity (Juha Virrankoski, Helsinki School of Economics, 9/04 - External Evaluator)

Honors Theses - Advising

Competition Aversion
(Stephanie Khoury, 2012-13, LMU)

Corruption in Procurement Auctions
(Chris Bird, 2012, LMU)

Gender Differences in Competition: A Developed Country Phenomenon?
(Megan O'Malley, 2011-12, LMU)

The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations In Development Economics: A Case Study of Cambodia
(Evan Snively, 2010-2011, LMU)

Politically Desirable Climate Policy in the United States: Reducing Domestic Energy Consumption Using Non-Monetary Incentives
(Greer Gosnell, 2010-2011, LMU)

Energy Balance of Ethanol
(Michael Wither, 2009-2010, LMU)

Fairness Considerations: A Study of the Role of Procedural Justice in Simple Bargaining Games
(Nikki Yamauchi, 2008-2009, LMU)

Muddy Children, Temporary Deafness, and the 10,000th digit of v2: Modeling Knowledge
(Greg Kelsey, 5/05 – High Honors, Bowdoin College)

The National Hockey League Lockout: A Model for Inefficient Labor Negotiations
(Phillippe Alepin, 5/05 – Honors, Bowdoin College)

Vertical Product Differentiation to Deter Luxury Goods Counterfeiting
(Kitty Sullivan, 5/04 – Highest Honors, Bowdoin College)

Aboriginal Art Sells
(Brittany Blanchette, 5/04 – Honors, Bowdoin College)

Competition Within the Automotive Parts Industry
(Doug Hayes, 5/04 – Honors, Bowdoin College)

The Economics of Dance: Copyright and Ownership of Choreography
(Heather Penfield, 5/04 – Bowdoin College)

Standard Oil and the Potential for Price Predation
(Dan Flack, 05/03 – Highest Honors, Bowdoin College)


Honors Theses - Committee

The Balance of Political and Strategic Trade Factors in US Trade Policy Determination
(Courtney Tolmie, 5/03, Bowdoin College)

Higher Education in Developing Countries: Should a Country Provide Both Open and Elite Public Universities?
(Worawan Toommongkol, 5/03, Bowdoin College)

Piracy and the Demand for Digital Music
(Dominique Alepin, 5/02, Bowdoin College)


Independent Studies - Advising

The Art of Investing: A Study on the Art Market and the Recent Emergence of Art Investment Funds
(Heather Boyd, 5/05)

A Mies of History: Valuing Historic Homes in Bath, ME
(Aaron Goldstein, 5/05, spring 04, spring 05)

Competition in the Wine Industry
(Jason Slocum, 12/04)

IPOs and Stock Buy-Backs
(Dan Wolf, 12/04)

Negative Campaigning and Ambiguity
(Jim McDonald, 12/04, fall 03, fall 04, Bowdoin College)

A Brief History of Gothic Art and the Relationship between Artists and Patrons
(Bianca Sigh, 5/03, Bowdoin College)

Development of a Decision-Making Algorithm for the Online Purchase of an Automobile
(Justin Boynton, 5/03, Bowdoin College)

Auctions on the Internet: A Unique Form of Buyer and Seller Interaction
(Travis Patten, 12/02, Bowdoin College)

Prices for Football Cards on eBay: Theory and Data Analysis
(Edmund J. DiVito, 5/02, Bowdoin College)

The Effects of an Excise Tax on the Demand Function of Cigarettes
(Lamont Paris, 5/96, College of Wooster)

The Relationship between Pay and Performance in Major League Baseball
(Todd Urban, 5/96, College of Wooster)

Homo Economicus & His Disdain for Work
(Ashok P Pakiam, 5/96, College of Wooster)

Examining the Role of the City of Wooster’s Tax Structure in Its Economic Growth
(Caroline D’Silva, 7/96, College of Wooster)


Diploma Theses

Social Preferences: Theories of Altruism, Fairness and Reciprocity
(Stefan Kohler, 12/02, University of Bonn)

Trust in R&D Cooperation – A Game Theoretic Approach
(Milena Wipplinger, 7/02, University of Bonn)

Rat Race or Sabotage – An Employee Game
(Marc Friedrich, 11/01, University of Bonn)

Network Graphs as Analytical Tools in Microeconomic and Sociological Interaction and Decision Models
(Lutz Harmening, 9/01, University of Bonn)

Fair Division Procedures for Indivisible Goods - Comparison and Incentive Compatibility
(Heiko Menzel, 9/01, University of Bonn)

Two-Sided Matching - A Game Theoretic Analysis of the Assignment Mechanism of Teachers to Schools in North-Rheinwestfalia
(Markus Sobottke, 5/01, University of Bonn)

Centralized Assignment Mechanism of Students to Universities as a Matching Problem
(Stephan Lambertz, 8/00, University of Bonn)

Imperfectly Contestable Markets - A Game Theoretic Model with Exit Lags
(Michael Coenen, 4/00, University of Bonn)

Firm Cooperation in Networks
(Frank Niemeyer, 1/00, University of Bonn)

Learning from Experience and Market Organisation - A Game Theoretic and Experimental Analysis
(Stephan Berninger, 3/99, University of Bonn)

Fighting the Rip-Off - Bargaining about the Distribution of a Surplus of Unknown Size
(Alexander Kellner, 1/99, University of Bonn)

Economic Analysis of Criminal Law
(Petra Cornelius, 10/98, University of Bonn)

Theoretical Aspects of Resale in the Telecommunications Market
(Tobias Hering, 10/98, University of Bonn)

Game Theoretic Analysis of Optimal Wage Schemes in a Principal-Agent Relationship
(Kai-Oliver Benz, 3/98, University of Bonn)

Auctions as Alternatives for IPOs
(Katharina Bogutzki, 3/98, University of Bonn)

Firm Location Decision in a Spatially Modified Hotelling Model
(Stephan Oldenburg, 1/97, University of Bonn)



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