Welcome to the homepage of Dr. Ben G. Fitzpatrick!

Dr. Ben G. Fitzpatrick is the Clarence J. Wallen, S. J. Professor of Mathematics at Loyola Marymount University. His interests are in applied mathematics. Dr. Fitzpatrick received his Ph.D. and Sc. M. from Brown University in 1988 and 1986, respectively, and his M.P.S. and B.S. from Auburn University in 1983 and 1981, respectively.

Office: UH 2726

Phone: 338-7892

Email: bfitzpatrick@lmu.edu

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NEW: Biomathematics program
NEW: Student research program in Analysis of Stress in Biological Systems!

Research Interests and Project Opportunities including biomathematics, dynamics and control, image processing, and environmental modeling
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Uni Graz USW Quantitative Systems III
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